20th ISNA

The 20th International Symposium on Nonlinear Acoustics including the 2nd International Sonic Boom Forum will be held in Lyon, France, from June 29th to July 3rd 2015, at the Ecole centrale de Lyon


Group photo 

Access to pictures taken during the congress and the gala dinner is now available.


Technical program:


Scope of the Symposium:

- General theory of nonlinear acoustics
- Nonlinear acoustics in fluids
- Nonlinear acoustics in multiphase and porous media, and cavitation phenomena
- Nonlinear acoustics in solids and structures
- Nonlinear acoustics of reacting, relaxing media, and physical kinetics
- Nonlinear acoustics in medicine and biology
- Thermoacoustics
- Nonlinear acoustics of atmosphere, ocean, and earth, and nonlinear underwater acoustics
- Nonlinear aero- and hydroacoustics
- Nonlinear acoustics and optics
- General experimental methods
- Devices and industrial applications of nonlinear acoustics


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Proceedings of the conference:

The proceedings of ISNA 20 are available online on the website of AIP Conference Proceedings. Click here to have access to the proceedings.

The printed book will be shipped at the registration adresses before the end of the year.


Booklet of the conference:


Book of abstracts:

Book of abstracts





Technical program:


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Contact us : isna20.lyon@gmail.com

For managing the conference, we are using the software ConfOrg, by Didier Cassereau.



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