Although the origin of nonlinear acoustics dates back to the pioneering work by great mathematicians and physicists in 18th and 19th centuries, a new surge emerged in 1960's to research various problems associated with acoustic waves of finite amplitude from a unified point of view as “nonlinear acoustics.” In 1968, the meeting devoted to discuss exclusively nonlinear acoustics was held at the Navy Underwater Sound Laboratory, New London, Connecticut, USA. This meeting has since been labeled the first International Symposium on Nonlinear Acoustics (ISNA). Since then, the ISNA was held every year or every two years in Denmark, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and the United States until 1978. After this year, the ISNA has been held every three years.

The following table lists the year and location where the ISNA was held in the past.

 Event  Year

  City and country

ISNA-1   1968   New London, USA
ISNA-2   1969   Austin, USA
ISNA-3   1971   Birmingham, Great Britain
ISNA-4   1972   Buffalo, USA
ISNA-5   1973   Copenhagen, Denmark
ISNA-6   1975   Moscow, USSR
ISNA-7   1976   Blacksburg, USA
ISNA-8   1978   Paris, France
ISNA-9   1981   Leeds, Great Britain
ISNA-10   1984   Kobe, Japan
ISNA-11   1987   Novosibirsk, USSR
ISNA-12   1990   Austin, USA
ISNA-13   1993   Bergen, Norway
ISNA-14   1996   Nanjing, China
ISNA-15   1999   Goettingen, Germany
ISNA-16   2002   Moscow, Russia
ISNA-17   2005   State College, USA
ISNA-18   2008   Stockholm, Sweden
ISNA-19   2012   Tokyo, Japan





















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